Tuesday, April 19, 2011

JatKat was adopted!

This is the blog posting for Monday, April 18th. Sorry it's late! -Kurt

Our wonderful, sweet JatKat went to her new home! Her family was so excited to have her as their very own cat. She left on Saturday. We had her groomed, ears cleaned, toenails trimmed--she sparkled! Our Meet & Greet on Saturday was wonderful. We had a very good show of people--visitors for both the dogs and cats. We also had great donations given to both organizations. Can food, dry food, bleach, towels, blankets, treats, paper towels, litter, Clorox wipes, etc. It was awesome! We combined this Meet & Greet with a Garage Sale. We made almost $200! What a great day. Our next Meet & Greet is June 18. We now have our new signs up for Dodger's Pen and Patience's Pen, thanks to Mr. Beindorf. He's also making a special sign for Octavia, for the food cabinet. It will say “Lock This Door”. Octavia's not too happy about this. Keep in mind the big fundraiser in Bryan for the Rescue Center. It will be a Garage/Bake/Craft Sale on June 9th thru 11th from 9 to 1pm. The next day, June 12th is an extra special day--an appreciation day for the volunteers. On this day, we'll find out how much $$ the fundraiser made, will hold the Wooble Raffle and a few other surprises! Did you see we're #10 in The Animal Rescue Site $300,000 Shelter+ Challenge? Wow!! Thanks for all your votes. Keep it coming, maybe we can win a weekly prize! 


Magenta, "Oldster" and permanent resident.

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