Saturday, April 16, 2011

An extra special adoption

We had a very unselfish adoption yesterday. “cgr”, a web-cam viewer, has adopted our special girl, Asha and has re-gifted her back to the rescue center. cgr will be her "long distance mama" though. Asha will be a permanent residence at the Rescue Center. By her story being told, hopefully she will be able to impress upon people how NOT to treat a cat. cgr is the person who got the ball rolling in order for the rescue center to get her from the shelter she was at. Thank you, cgr! We appreciate this huge act of kindness.

Mailed out a few more T-shirts yesterday. Once you receive your shirt, if the size isn't quite right, feel free to mail it back and we'll fix the problem. There's still plenty of T-shirts, so if you're interested in purchasing one, let me know. You can go thru pay-pal or send a check. They are $15, but if they're to be mailed to you add an extra $2. Colors are yellow & blue, sizes from adult small to XXL. They are good quality shirts. 

Mama Ziva and Raza have been moved to their new rooms. Ziva's kittens are all over their room, playing! What a joy to watch. We'll get them out in the main area asap. The 6 kittens of Raza's are still sleepy-heads. The little torti/calico girl has a name. It's Ketzie, named after tortiemom's (a web-cam viewer) grandma's cat. Believe it means kittycat in Yiddish. Today is the 2nd Meet & Greet with a food & towel drive along with a garage sale. It's from 9 to 1 pm. Yesterday Nova turned TWO. Happy Birthday, Nova. She got an extra Bonito cat treat.


Shorona is beautiful. She's a muted calico, has a mixture of the soft muted calico tones with a few tiger markings, and of course white too. Her birthday is 9/24/10. Shorona was found in desperate need of a rescue--it was so very cold and snowy outside. When she arrived at the rescue, she acted like she had always been here. She loves laying in the sunshine on the window sills. Her favorite toys are those stuffed catnip mice and the small knitted jingle balls. She has such fun. She acts like she's in heaven when she's petted and held.

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