Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sensation has a home!

We had THREE adoptions yesterday. Love those days! Sensation and Lyrae went to the same home. I think these 2 girls will be friends and enjoy their new home. Have already heard back from the owners this morning and all is well. Both cats slept on the bed! Elizza also was adopted. She went to the same home that adopted her sister 2 weeks ago. Yeah for families! She'll be happy there. We received a delivery also yesterday. jla sent 2 beautiful collars and 3 flea combs. Thanks jla--so nice of you! Also received a box from E & W Quayside. Purrfectly Fish Packets were well received, it's one of their favorites. We also received one of the volunteers favorites... Candy! Specifically Hershey’s chocolate bars with caramel. Thanks so much E & W Quay, we sure appreciate it. The logo contest is almost over! I'm getting excited to get the voting started on this project. Speaking of voting, please remember to vote in the Shelter+ Challenge. We're still in 10th place overall and 1st in Ohio, but our lead is slipping a little. Please spread the word so we don't lose our spot. Ziva's kittens enjoyed 2 outings yesterday again in the main area. They are fast little kittens! Raza's kittens are much sturdier now on their legs.


Paddy Cakes
Paddy Cakes

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