Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blessed Easter to our friends

I would like to extend an Easter greeting to you all. We took in FIVE new kittens yesterday. They are 6 weeks old, a variety of white/black/brown colors. They are triple tested, vaccinated, wormed, bathed, Capstared & looking spiffy! Their names and descriptions are: 

Salima Tiger (F)
Salimo Tiger (M)
Baaka Black (F)
Birka Black/White (F)
Birk White/Black (F)

They are about the same age as Ziva's kittens. Since these 5 kittens have not been outside, we went ahead & put them in with Ziva's kittens. There's a whole lot of action going on in Cat's Corner Room! Ziva's kittens have names already, but as a reminder, they are: 

Tinker Gold (M)
Tinkerbell Grey (F)
Cyrilla Brown Tiger (F, adoptive)

Raza's kittens now also have names. These kittens look alot alike, so there will be a test later for you! Their names are:

Ketzie Calico/Torti (F)
Manon Orange/white Tiger (M)
Telo Orange/white Tiger (M)
Gibbs Orange/white Tiger (M)
Scribble Orange/white Tiger (M)
Waki Orange/white Tiger (M)

It won't be long until we start doing the kitten shuffle walk around here again. All the names came from the name list on facebook. Remember to vote for the rescue center and to put your vote in for the Logo Contest too!


Hi, I have a few announcements. First, the submission phase of the logo contest is over, so you can now vote! Click here to go to the voting site. Second, I have set up a page that uses the old style chat interface for the webcam. Click here to view the cam and chat using the old interface. And finally, the mount for the new webcam is done! Click here to take a look. I should be at the rescue center by the end of this week to set it all up.


Paddy Purr
Paddy Purr

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