Thursday, July 7, 2011

vote Vote VOTE!

Wow again! We've moved up in the voting status for The Animal Rescue Site. We are still 1st in Ohio, but have moved to 4th overall! It's just amazing to me--thank you for your votes and support. We have lots of other thanks to give too! Speedymeme was here yesterday for a visit. It's always so nice to have any of the webcam viewers come for a visit. Speedy also brought LOTS of supplies which we truly appreciate. We opened boxes last night which was alot of fun! We love boxes. Peverley sent some beautiful jewelry for the Catathon, it's absolutely stunning. Thank you! Jatcat sent KMR and baby food--always needed items. Clarice G. from MI sent 5 boxes of kitty litter--it's amazing how much litter we go thru). Diedre sent some chicken Friskies--another favorite of the cats! We also received some of their favorite toys--springy toys from an annonymous donor. FelineToyz also sent some baby food for Bella for the Catathon--and we ALL know how much Bella loves baby food! Mary Louise S. from CA sent some ink cartridges for our printer--thanks bunches. We make tons of copies so this will help us. Loved the picture of your Abigail cat too. The Cats Cove Cats got a treat yesterday too. The bonito flakes that PJ sent for them! We had 5 surgeries done yesterday: Joben was neutered and Dovey, Bumble Bee, Tweeny & Athena were spayed. They were all running around last night having fun. We still have Joben & Jobo in the Meowcomer's Room. They'll be in there for a few more days as Joben has a bit of a cold--don't want to spread it! We'll be working on the baskets for the Catathon today. The wonderful pen that Racer has been working on for the Meowcomer's Room will be done today and moved in also.



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