Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

We had another adoption yesterday! First, Tibby was adopted on Friday. He went to a family that had him on hold for several weeks while they were moving. As hard as it is to see our cats and kittens go, nothing can take the place of their very own home. Tibby is gong to love it there. Yesterday, Frankie B also went to his new home! This was extra exciting as I believe it'll be a super great home for him. He needed a home where there were no other cats and where he could indeed be the King! His new mama is fine with this. Frankie is wonderful with people-very people friendly, just wasn't too keen about the other cats. So, 2 good adoptions this weekend. We also took in another mama and family of 5 kittens. Mama is a black torti and her 5 kittens are 1 torti (female) that looks like mama, 2 brown tigers (females) and 2 gold tigers (males). They are about 7 weeks old. This morning when I went into Thumper's Room, not one of them was in their pen. We left the door open for mama to jump in/out, but the babies are big enough to also get out! They were all having fun playing. Little Tracer is a bit uncomfortable, the poor thing has not pottied since he's been here. Heaven only knows what the little guy had been eating before he arrived. So, out came the cat-lax. Hopefully we'll have good results, that big tummy will deflate and he'll feel better. Zelda had her first outing today. She actually wanted to come out and cruise. Her wounds are slowly healing. She's back napping in Patience's Pen. Ernestine and her Muppet kitties are all settled into June's Room. They even took a little spin on the floor last night and were playing! It'll be a while until they're out of their room. Bella cleaned the bottom of 3 baby food jars--not a speck was left! The 3 crypto kitties spent a night with Racer. We have a hold on one of them--Babbage. He will be leaving Monday late afternoon. Today is also the Big 1 for Paddy Cakes and Paddy Purr. Happy Birthday Paddys!!!


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