Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

We had 2 adoptions yesterday! Deek and Dian went to the same home! The family came in yesterday on the mom's birthday and the daughter's birthday is today. What great birthday presents! I've heard from the family that adopted Joseph and Aligiant and all is going well, with very few grumbles! They will keep us posted. The 4 newbies, Azimov, Bujold, Gaiman & Heinlein had their first vaccines & flea prevention today--getting them ready so they can join the kitty gang in play. Athena & Tweeny are also doing great. Little Dovey still hangs back. She's a great toy player but prefers to be alone. We'll keep working on her! Bitzy is doing great. Her legs are getting stronger and she can wobble around a little now. Her paw is healing. Now that the new rooms are essentially done, we are encouraging people to come into the Rescue Center by that back door. I love this new addition! It's wonderful to have the Greeting Room--paperwork, questions, etc. can be done there. The bathroom is awesome. No more sending people into my house! I've had 4 cats in the new room also--the Meowcomer's Room. It's wonderful to be able to check these cats without worrying about if they have fleas, are they sick, etc. These 3 rooms are the best thing ever! Remember, if anyone is interested in donating $250 or more, you will have your name on the outside of the new addition! Racer will take pics to show everyone when we have that done. Bumble Bee continues to grow--she plays with all the kittens, doesn't matter their size! Putter seems to be slowing up these days and he's a little quieter than normal, but nothing appears amiss. Last night we had a whirlwind of activity-some of the kittens started in the office, raced down the hallway to Kitty Campus Room, up the furniture, thru the window and back out to the office, just to do it over again. Must be fun to be a kitten!


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