Monday, July 25, 2011

Catathon--what a great & huge success!

Wow--what an awesome day we had at the Catathon. Words cannot express my happiness at the outcome of this event. I've thought and thought all morning of what I can say to let everyone know how deeply grateful I am to you all for your support. But, mere words do not seem enough. Please know, my heart is filled with gratitude. The impossible was reached--we made an astounding $17,049.46. I am still in disbelief and am having trouble really grasping this. This extra amount will also allow us to purchase a stethoscope and a scale to keep in the new room. As soon as things settle down here, I will make a list of who won each basket. I'll also give you an update as to how many names were pledged and how many and who were the sponsored pampered cats. This will just take me a day or two. One thing I would like to mention is the name of our new room has been changed. I was asked if catman (Glen from VA) would donate $4,500 if we would name the new room after his beloved cat, I was YES! So, the name of this new room is now Thumper's Room. Thank you catman--I'm grateful for your support. We had many many people visit during the Catathon.The BBQ afterwards also went great--had approx. 70 people here for that! Thank God that there are people in my life that say "Go for it, go after your dreams, we support you". I am so thankful for what you all have done for this Rescue Center. This indeed is not MY Rescue Center, it is OUR Rescue Center. And I have to say GARSH, you are all wonderful! (money was donated for me saying this!!) And by the way, our little Waki is doing great in his new home!


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