Friday, May 27, 2011

Kitten Shuffle

I can hardly believe we've had over 458,000 total views to our web-cam since it started over a year ago. It's quite astonishing to me. Thank you all for joining us! The kittens all have speedy wheels on--zoom, zip, and full out running, definitely makes for careful walking around here. The 9 that are in June's Room will be emerging soon. This 9 is made up of 2 litters. One litter is the beige/gold/whites who are named Denae, Denell, Dugster & Dian. The other litter of 5 (the long hairs) are yet unnamed, but will have names today! We also had boxes two days ago. Quayside sent 2 cases of Fancy Feast; 1 for kittens and 1 for adults. Aunty Bantry sent much needed lens cloth wipes for the web-cam. Now, I promise, I won't use sponges on the lens! Thanks so much for these donations. Update on the construction: guys were here yesterday and pumped out hundreds of gallons of water from where they dug the foundation the day before. So, now the trench is filled with the foundation blocks, the plumbing pipes are all in place and a huge pile of stones is on the driveway. The stone will be used to fill inside the blocks so the floor can be poured. I believe they will do the floor today! That's progress! Jolson, the black cat who had major leg surgery) is doing better. He's out and about now and is actually bearing a little weight on that rear leg. He is also beginning to extend the knee better!  Winken, Blinkin & Nod are eating all the way by themselves now. A little messy but their tummies are full.


Salima is ready for a new home!

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