Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crazy Kittens

Running, playing, jumping, attacking, purring--that's what it's all about this morning! The kittens are all crazy. I do believe they all developed spring legs during the night! What fun to watch them. Yesterday our new big white cat, Willis was neutered. This morning his door was opened to his pen. It took him all of 10 seconds to come out and be with the rest of the gang. Kurt William (named after Racer) has his pen door opened and come out if and when he's ready. He loves those catnip fish toys. He has a complete radial nerve tear in his front right leg. Due to a heavy surgery schedule yesterday couldn't get his surgery done. This leg is 100% useless to him--there's absolutely no nerve there to help him use it, so it's a "drag leg". Thursday will be his big surgery day--amputation of this leg and his neutering. He'll be thrilled when he's able to run and play without the hindrance of that leg. We had 3 BOXES yesterday! They all were from Felixkatz, our Bermuda friends Gloria & James. They definitely had the kittens in mind with this order! Royal Canin baby dry food and can kitten food. This will be well used and so much appreciated. Also a few toys! Thank you. Asha has become so much more open with her play and social skills. It's like a butterfly emerging! Yesterday she took a spring toy and flipped that thing all over the office, chasing it! I believe Grommit has "taste-tested" every kitten here! He bathes them then proceeds to soft chew a little. No harm done and he lets the kittens go. I truly think he just wants to play as he's such a young cat himself. The big cats had 3 hours of outdoor enclosure time yesterday-was so nice that they could be out in their porch. No babies allowed out there yet. Please continue to vote for us! 


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