Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to Peterson!

---Note: This is the blog post for May 12th, 2011. I was unable to publish it yesterday due to a Blogger outage.--

Today is Peterson's first birthday! He was born here at the rescue center and is still looking for his own special home. Somewhere out there, is his home. I just KNOW that he will get that opportunity to have his very own family. Peterson's already had an extra bonito flake treat this morning and an extra big hug. Saturday morning from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. will be our next Meet and Greet. In combination with having A Labor of Love Dog Rescue here with their adoptable dogs, we will have another garage sale with lots of items. We're also having a food drive (dry and can food for cats & dogs) and a towel drive (any kind of towels, including paper towels). We will also be offering to microchip your pet. The cost is $40, and that includes the registration paper. We had lots of boxes last night! From Debra B., we received 4 Temptation treat variety packs. The cats love these these. Teresa C. sent both Royal Canin Adult AND Kitten Food dry cat food. We had an anonymous donor from PetFood Direct for Pro Plan Kitten canned food. If you sent this and would like to let me know, I'd appreciate it. We certainly can use this great kitten food. Quayside sent Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken packs and Temptaion Treats--you've picked 2 of their favorite things! Cantoncat sent Eukanuba Dry Cat Food. I think the word got out that we were very very low on adult dry cat food. ALL these donations are appreciated and will be well used. We also had a new friend of the webcam, known as ohiosmrspeepers come yesterday with a big variety of needed items! Raza and Tinkerbell were spayed last night. They both recovered beautifully. You may have already heard the news about our dear little Birk; if not, please check for the information (note: due to the Blogger problems which caused yesterdays outage, the comments are not currently available, but according to Bloggers situation report they will be restored soon). Last week, when our friend Connie K. left here, she came upon a severely injured cat at an intersection. She scooped the poor cat up and brought it here to the Rescue Center, but he was already gone. Thank you Connie & Curt for helping this cat. After they left, I received 2 phone calls from people wondering if the cat survived. I also just received a donation to the Rescue Center "in honor of the lady who so unselfishly helped a cat that had been hit by a car". I just want to note that I also am grateful for people like Connie & Curt. Emaline (calico with 1 eye) is "stuck" in my house. She's an awesome housecat, but when I try to put her back in the Rescue Center, she refuses. She has a few allergy problems, but she's wonderful & loving and we need to find her a new home as well.

Exploring Expansion

I have had a goal in mind for several years for the Rescue Center. It's time to explore some options on it. I have always wanted a separate room for all incoming kittens and cats. Every cat and kitten that arrives has the possibility of bringing in bacterial germs, fungus and viruses. To help keep the spreading of these things to a minimum, a completely separate room is necessary. I have had dreams about this! It would be so wonderful to have such a room, built onto the backside of the Rescue Center. It would have it's own water source, small refrigerator for meds and test kits, a work area to draw blood and do exams and holding pens for incoming cats and kittens. This room would have access by an outside door, so all incoming goes directly into this new room, NOT through the Rescue Center. I've drawn up plans and have talked to 2 contractors who have already come and will give me estimates very soon. I have no idea if this is something that will be so "far out there" that it's not even feasible, but we're going to go thru the process of finding out! We'll keep you all posted. 

Photo by  Amy Brown McCarty; Mod by Bea Bittencourt

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