Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Building Expansion!

We have taken in an older cat that's been named Trey. He's 11 years old, beige/white. We won't consider him an oldster (yet!) as we'll be looking for a home for him. We also took in 2 ten year old cats yesterday named Chaney & Edward, but they've already been adopted. One of our volunteers, Ruth, had lost both of her geriatric cats recently, so she decided she'd like to give these 2 a try! We'll keep you posted on how it goes. I've heard back about Peterson and he is dong so good! He's already sleeping on their bed and is quite attached to his new mama. She'll be sending pictures for us. We did 3 surgeries yesterday for our FFRC kittens. Tinker & Salimo were neutered and Leotie was spayed. All 3 didn't even realize anything happened to them and were already bouncing around last night. We also received boxes! We had the funniest sounding box too... Mamie sent a box with a toy singing bird in it, and the kittens love it! Mamie also sent toys for the dogs & KMR.  We received some dry adult Iams food from the FFRC FANS. We now have a wonderful variety of adult food! Makes me feel "safe" when the cupboards are stocked again. Felinetoyz sent some of their favorite treats, Temptations, as well as baby food for Bella! We received some IAMS dry adult food from Oreo (aka Pooky) & Zeus & catmom74, and financial donations from Sonnykat (for the new addition) & from Kelly M. These are the things that help keep us going. You are all so appreciated. We had a special truck come yesterday.....from IAMS! They delivered some adult cat food. We were cheering! Between you all and IAMS, the cats won't go hungry now! We also took in a new little kitten yesterday named Frisco. He's a deep orange marble boy, but a little shy, so we're loading on the TLC. We'll help him figure out that people are kind. A special saying from Canton's grandma "Never think about what you're going to do tomorrow, just do it today." Good words for a rescue center. Which is why a decision has been made... We're going ahead with the plans for the new in-take addition!!!  This is a huge step for us, but a dream of many years. This addition will be so beneficial to the cats. More later!


I will be setting up a page with more information on the expansion and special fundraising events for the building fund soon. Just so you can see right away what kind of expansion we are planning, here is a building layout with the new expanded hallway (yellow) and in-take room (red) shown, as well as a greater amount of detail to the rescue centers main area.


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