Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keep Voting!

What a very busy day yesterday! We were able to get 7 of our kittens spayed/neutered. The kitties who made their trip to the clinic were Dunakin, Dian, Dugster (the boys), and Cyrilla, Baaka, Birka, Lilly (the girls). All recovered just fine and were scurrying around last night, having so much fun. There are kitties galore here among the cats--it's truly a playground of fun!. We opened boxes last night! We are so thankful for all of you who send boxes for the kitties. Felinetoyz sent Royal Canin "oldster" can food--they love this stuff! Catsrthebest sent a book, Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned About Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat for the Catathon. It's also signed by the author. It's a great book that will be on the "bidding blocks" for the Catathon. We also received the angel bed (and some cool yarn toys) that Linda T. from Kansas sent. It's a beautiful bed that will also be up for bidding at the Catathon. Quay (Elaine/Willis) sent Whiskas Variety Packs that ALL the cats love! We had another organizational meeting for the Catathon. Things are coming together with some big plans! It's July 24th, Sunday, from 1:00 to 4:00. Hope you all can join us for an afternoon of fun! Construction continued on the new addition yesterday. The floor cement was poured---it looks great. Now, for the drying time. Ada Jane and Cutie are sporting their new collars--they look so nice on them. Farrah is doing great--no recent seizures. Asha plays often with the kittens--so very nice to see. Kurt Williams just wants a person to hold him all the time--he's a very sweet boy. Grommit thinks he's the playground leader--always tussling with the kittens. It's amazing how many kitties are starting to cruise on the Cat Go Round wheel already. Please remember to vote--we need to keep our status in hopes of
winning Ohio's prize!



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