Monday, June 20, 2011

Done with painting!

I have hopes that the new addition will be done this week! Thanks to Racer, Connie K., Curt and Caryn --the painting is done and the floor is now ready for the sealer! All 3 rooms will be wonderful. The intake room (will be named soon) will help prevent incoming germs being spread. The Welcome Room will be used for people bringing in new arrivals. paperwork can be done in this room and the volunteers can also have a table to eat lunches or to take a break. The bathroom...well, that is a really welcome room! Now visitors can use this bathroom instead of going into the house. We're all very excited about this addition! We took in 2 cats that needed to be returned. They are 2 Himalayans, a sister/brother combo. They originally arrived here at the rescue center 6/2009 and were adopted within a month. This same family had them almost 2 years, and with much sadness, had to return them due to new severe allergies. This family took great care of them--not a mat on them and their fur coat in great condition. Both are happy cats and are adjusting being back fairly quickly. They will be out and about soon. Thanks to the family for returning them to the rescue center--this is what we want to have happen if ANY FFRC cat can no longer be kept. The other new kitten, Bumblebee, is doing great. We're supplementing her with formula syringe feedings. The 3 crypto kittens (Diffie, Babbage & Turing) are also doing great. We now have 2 kittens on hold--Orzo and Tibby. Both will be staying until vacation and/or moving date is done.



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