Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3 Adoptions!

It arrived! Our check from Petfinder's for coming in first in the state of Ohio on the Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge! So thankful for this check. $700 will go towards the new construction and $300 will go into the general fund (getting low, need to replenish!). Thanks for all those votes that made it possible. We had 3 adoptions yesterday. Always the best part of a day when we can get cats into wonderful homes. ROTELLE & SALIMA went to the same home. I think the new family loved them before they even got in the car! TINKERBELL also went to her new home and she was definitely purring all the way out the door. Little Bitzy, bl/wh Persian baby is now 15 days old. She's doing much better and her leg/foot is almost normal looking now. We took in a new kitten-about 9 weeks old. Her name is Dovey and she is a grey/cream torti. She's had a rough young life already. Her tail is shortened and a rear leg is gone from knee down. Will have Dr. Cindy take a look at her today. She also has an umbilical hernia which will be repaired when she is spayed. She's a shy girl, but I saw her playing today! We have her in Dodger's Pen with Tweeny & Athena so she is calmer and has company. Many thanks to give. Thanks to John M. from Indiana for the donation. Also thanks to Mamie4--she sent pictures of the quilt she made for the catathon--it's absolutely beautiful. Mitty sent some Temptation treats which they all love and a big roll of brown paper wrap. That way when we get low on the UPS package wrapping, we'll have some in reserve. One of their favorite "toys"! Thanks to for Elaine & Willis Quayside for the Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken packs--definitely a favorite no matter what the age of the cats. Thanks too to Catlvr14 who sent a bunch of great things. She sent an assortment of items that we can add to the baskets for the Catathon which will increase their value. Also things were included for the cats here at the Rescue Center. It's so humbling to have all this support. YOU all are what makes this Rescue Center possible. We have a possible few more adoptions yet this week! The cats spent 4-5 hours yesterday out on the outdoor enclosure. Racer applied the 4th and last coat of sealer on the new floor. A busy day ahead!


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