Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jan. 7 Saturday

The cats are super excited this morning. My sister Judy always brings them hambones when they hav a ham meal. The kittens and cats LOVE this! What at first looks like alot of meat on that bone, quickly becomes just a bone! Keeps them entertained for a long time. Cinnabon and Picasso are now my new desk friends. They insist on learning typing skills which makes my typing much slower--but they have fun. Poor Putter has a bit of a tummyache. We are treating him and hopefully he'll be feeling better today. Twinkle is looking good and has a great appetite. Sari also knows how to eat good--her normal is to have 2 breakfasts! Holly is at the moment sleeping on the big hammock that is in Dodger's Pen. Those 2 hammocks have become favorite napping areas.

Lots of changes are happening at the Rescue Center. Soon you will be able to see the new website-how very exciting. I believe you all will be thrilled! Many many dozens of hours have gone into it. We will also be meeting soon for our first Advisory Board. This is designed to take a little workload from me. Jan. 30th is still the scheduled date for the beginning of the new floor. I actually took 2 pieces of floor away from Kiara--she was walking around with chips in her mouth. Not eating them, just carrying them around.

Year end stats are done.

From 1/1/11 to 12/31/11 (12th year)

Incoming: 252 Adopted: 218 Died/Euthanized: 10 Neutered: 184
Grand Total from 9/1/11 to 12/31/11

Incoming: 2789 Adopted: 2447 Died/Euthanized: 190 Neutered: 1819

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night! (Last night was special for me. Not only did my sister Nancy help me with putting away the gifts, but my mom was here also. She needed a break from things and wanted to watch box opening!)

DeEtte--case of Pate Friskies
David, Bonnie, Michael--scratcher and lounger, card, blanket, clorox wipes, mice toys, 3 bags of treats, 2 boxes of Whiskas and lots of pillow cases
Jatcat--colored paper, 3 bags of kitty treats, sharpie pens, tape, hammock tunnel and condo
anonymous--case of seafood classic fancy feast
Tom P, Buddy & Ashely, card and soda tabs for Kellen
Cobbis--3 cases of Friskies--pate and filets
Petco anonymous--4 cases of friskies filets and fancy feast appitizers

William 1--whole bag of various toys
Dorothy Y--videos of our Animal Blessing we did (so we can add to our new utube!)
anonymous--metal coils (already being played with)
Mike B, Sharon, Angelkitty3--check for 4 floor tiles

Beth P--donation for FFRC
Titans--card for my dad
cjcat--card for my dad
Penn.--card for my dad
Mr. & Mrs. VS--card for my dad
Andrea A--card for my dad
Cathline--donation for FFRC

We also received a beautiful letter from our friend Hannah and her parents Jennifer and Andy!

Thank you all for your support. It is gracously received here at the rescue center. You all make a BIG difference for us. We will continue doing what we love to do--running the rescue center. We also love sharing the cats and kittens with everyone.

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