Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jan. 5 Thursday

We had TWO adoptions yesterday! Wiffin went to his new home. He's going to be the sole attention of a lady who has been so excited to adopt him! Birka also went to her new home yesterday. She went to a new dad that has been wanting a shoulder-riding cat. You all know how Birka loves to shoulder ride! The people that helped us yesterday were: Jodi, Mary E, Stacey, Jimmy, Gregg, Judy E, Connie. Extra thanks to Jodi and Linda T for giving more of their time for the rescue center while I have been so busy with my family matters. It has now been 20 weeks since Farrah has had a seizure. I'm so happy for her! Maybe we'll be able to get her a home of her own yet! Little Hannah was playing with a stuffed mouse this morning, yowling and yowling at it--fun to watch. Sari is getting so brave--she's exploring everywhere now.FiFi went way up high this morning on a catwalk and had to be rescued. She then got some hugs. Putter is doing good. He got the "poodle cut" on his feet this week. It helps alot to keep his paws clean of litter.

We had BOXES last night! So nice and fun and appreciated!
Dorothy & Tony (wacats)--2 cases of Friskies Chicken Liver Pate
Anonymous--1 case of Friskies Seafood Pate
Jill R (jillr27)--4 cases of Friskies and 1 case of Gerber Chicken baby food
DeEtte--3 cases of Friskies
Irene (ladydoc)--7 cases of Fancy Feast
Maggie (magspa)--2 GIANT cases of Friskies
TheTexas3-big bag of pop tabs for Kellen
Dave (who adopted Birka)--a card and 2 cans of Sardines
Bill & Dawn S (volunteers) & their cats--Chief receipts and a donation

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the donations. Our food supply cabinet is full again! The cats and kittens were ever so grateful too!

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